Wetherby Winner!

I can't quite believe that happened yesterday. I'm still in a bit of a daze to be honest and must have watched the race close to 100 times. I've had winners as a part of other syndicates before but this was our first as the Sheep as a Lamb syndicate and the scenes at Wetherby afterwards are something I'll never forget.

The below Racing UK twitter link I must have watched close to 100 times and I don't think I'll ever get tired of the commentary "Shantewe, under hands and heels for Gavin Sheehan, Jamie Snowden and the Sheep as a Lamb Syndicate, they must be all here, they're screaming" (we were).


Some great pictures below:

Having spoken (rather croakily) to Jamie this morning Shantewe got back fine and trotted out sound this morning, no cuts or soreness, she lost 12Kg's which is normal.

The good thing about having a horse that hacked up/won cosily/on the snaff/as she liked, means that we can plan accordingly. We're going to concentrate on bumpers this season and see high we can go with her.