Question: How much is it to join?

Depends on which horse you want to get involved in, full details are on each of the individual horse pages.  

Question: Are there any hidden costs, do you make money from the syndicate?

We are fully transparent with costs, the monthly training fees are estimated to be all inclusive. 

Question: What happens with prize money?

All prize money will be divided between the owners as per your shareholding

Question: Will I get tickets to the races?

Tickets to the races when horses run are guaranteed for all shareholders subject to course restrictions

Question: What else do I get for my money?

Regular updates via The Racing Manager platform, stable visits whenever you want to see the horses working, invites to racing and non-racing events.  Plus you will be added to the SAAL WhatsApp group to keep you updated on all of our horses progress

Question: How long do I have to sign up for?

We hope you'll stay through the duration of the horses career but we ask everyone to sign up for a minimum 12 month period